what is Artificail Intelligence ( AI ) | History, Type, Benefits & Risks

Artificail Intelligence

Everyone knows about robots that a robot is a machine made by humans, which works like humans through commands, ‘artificial intelligence’ (artificial intelligence) to simulate human intelligence/human mind in machines. ) Says, these man-made machines are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. This post will go into detail about what the world has benefited from artificial intelligence kya hai and this (AI) technology.

what is artificial intelligence( AI )

A combined property of science and computer, which makes a system or machine as intelligent as humans, as the intelligence of humans and animals is natural intelligence, similarly, the technology that displays the intelligence of man-made artificial machines is called ‘artificial intelligence’. That is called artificial intelligence.

The technology used to simulate human intelligence in machines is AI Technology which provides the ability to think and work like humans in machines. The term ‘artificial intelligence’ refers to human-related symptoms such as learning and problem-solving.

The ability of a machine to enable that machine to emulate human intelligence, and the technology that enables a machine to perform activities such as learning, making logical solutions, creating new perception, working creativity, artificial or machine It is called intelligence.

It is a complex technique in which multiple components and methodology are used to construct any project such as an intelligent machine or robot and achieve its final result. Artificial intelligence is built on the computer by applying biological mechanisms derived from the study of the thinking, learning, and decision-making methods of the human brain, which provide accurate output, and logic when a machine provides the right input and desired results.

A robot based on AI technology was created in 2016 by David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics, named ‘Sophia’, which also arrived in India at India’s largest Tech Fest-2017.

What is the type of artificial intelligence?

There are mainly four types of Artificial Intelligence (artificial intelligence) such as –

  1. Purely Reactive Machines
  2. Limited Memory
  3. Theory of mind
  4. Self Awareness / Conscious

History of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology began in the 1950s, and its importance was fully recognized in the 1970s by John McCarthy, an American computer scientist and cognitive scientist. According to him, this technique is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines. Through which robotic computer systems are created, and attempts are made to run these robots based on human brain arguments. Artificial Intelligence technology is one way to create intelligent software thinking like robots and humans controlled by computers.

First Japan planned the Fifth Generation Computer Systems FGCS in 1981, Britain created a project called ‘Elvi’, European Union countries started a program called ‘Esprit’ and in 1983 some private The institutions together established several advanced technologies based on Artificial Intelligence such as a ‘Micro-Electronics and Computer Technology’ to create Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit.

use or Benefits of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence interferes in every area of ​​human life such as running a complex system, creating new medicines, discovering new chemicals, mining industry, market share, insurance companies, space technology.

Artificial intelligence is used for air traffic control. In addition, if humans take more time to do something, then machines such as robots equipped with AI technology can complete the same work very soon.

The use of machines with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is made possible by learning these skills from a new experience, adjusting new inputs, and the work done by humans, from computers to online chess-playing computers. From self-driving cars to education to natural language processing.

Applications of artificial intelligence

  • Computer Gaming
  • Expert System
  • Vision System
  • Speech Recognition
  • Intelligent Robot
  • Natural Language Processing

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Machines equipped with this technology do not require a break and refreshment from work like humans, i.e. these machines are programmed to work for long hours.

  • Using these machines we can expect good results regardless of time and season.
  • If we are using a smartphone, it indirectly means that we are enjoying AI technology.
  •  We take the help of GPayas for long drives and trips, this has been possible only with technology.
  • Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

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