Everything about FAU-G ( Fearless and United Guards Games ) Before Launch

about faug
about faug

After a long time of Pubg ban, there are no Indian games that can Beat PUBG. But finally here nCore games that claim, they have developed a desi Pubg known as FAU-G with great Graphics and better story.

Actually here FAU-G or Fearless and United Guards is an upcoming Indian online multiplayer game which will release on 26th January on the memorable occasion of Indian republic day.

Recently Akshay Kumar has released the game teaser on his Twiter account with the FAU-G anthem. The teaser looks stunning with describing Bharat Ke veer.

Many of you curious to know about this game, graphics, story, and How the game is better than PUBG Mobile, So don’t worry about it. Today here in this post, I am sharing, some about the game before Launching.

About FAU-G

FAU-G ( Fearless and United Guards ) is an Indian based online multiplayer action game, developed by nCore games headquartered in Bangalore. On the 4 Sept 2020, Akshay Kumar has firstly announced the game on his Twitter Account after the PUBG ban in India.

The game has to be launch in October but in development delay, the publisher pushed its date to November and again pushed to December but finally, on the 3rd of January Akshay Kumar again post the game teaser Anthem with the releasing date.

According to the Game trailer, FAU-G looks like a simple action game with stunning graphics that can play online with multiplayer. it would not be like a Pubg.

The game will have maps of lac Ladakh, where you have to fight and survive with a Chinese soldier. May it have more map-like LOC, where you have to complete different-different types of missions.


FAU-G vs PUBG is a great discussion, but here both games are totally different from each other. Even the game developer has never compared FAU-G with PUBG.

faug vs pubg

Here PUBG is a completely battle royale game, where you have to survive till the end by using the game weapons, armor, and equipment. But in FAU-G you have to complete some missions with a single-player or with multi-player.

Both the game will come with great graphics with HDR Supporting. A question is asked from the nCore team, Can FAU-G comes with all PUBG weapons. But they reply ” The Game is only supporting Indian Guns”

Pubg mobile India is a south Korean based game, developed and modified by PUBG corporation. But FAU-G is fully developed by nCore games headquarter in Bangalore. And the game server is also located in India to secure your data. The game is also supporting the AtmaNirbhar moment.

FAU-G game registration

After the Launch of the game teaser, FAU-G is now available for pre-registration via the play store. Even promoters claim that the game has crossed over 1M number of registration in the past 24hr. You can be done pre-registration by google play store or you can visit the Game registration link .

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