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google meet app

Google Meet is a video-communication service developed by Google. Google Hangouts, which was already present in Gmail, has now been replaced by the same name as Google Meet, also known as an enterprise-grade videoconferencing application, with the aim of making video conferencing easier. Faug

Since the Corona epidemic, people started working from home and are still doing ‘work from home’, due to which Video Calling and Video Conferencing across the world. Usage has increased to a great extent, in such a situation the demand for applications that facilitates Video Conference Call has increased.

Keeping these requirements of the logo in mind, the Google company has developed a new video conferencing platform, and Google has added this feature directly to Gmail, which has a Gmail account, making it easy to use video conferencing Payga, it has been named ‘Google Meat’ and is a perfect option for professional use.

Using this video communication service developed by Google, you can interact with your remote partner in real-time. Anyone who has a Google account and does not have a new account can easily hold their online meeting, in which you can add about 100 participants to your conferencing and can run the meeting for about 1 hour, with it Hi Google Meet is a light and fast interface application, in which you will be able to easily manage 100+ people in a meeting simultaneously.

All G-Suite customers can easily access all its advanced meat features such as 250 person meetings, live streaming and recording meetings with 1 lakh people, etc. Now, Google Meet is available for free use for all till September 30, 2020. , You will be able to use it on the internet by visiting meet.google.com and through the mobile app on iOS & Android platforms.

How to download Google Meet?

google meet install

  • Follow the steps to download the Google Meet application on your mobile phone
  • Open the App Store in the Google Play Store on your iOS device or Android.
  • Type Google Meat in the search bar, and search.
  • Once you find the app, click on the install option.

Sign in with your Gmail account.

If you want to work on the Windows operating system of Google Meat desktop or laptop, then you do not need to download any kind of application. You can easily use it in a web browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For this, all you have to do is go to the link https://meet.google.com and sign in with a Google account.

How to create an ID on Google Meet?

If you are using Gmail, Google Chrome, YouTube, etc. then all you have to sign in is because your phone already has a Google Account, so you do not need to sign up if you already have a Google Account. If not available then you can easily sign up for free. If you are already a G-Suite user, then you have to sign in with your Google account already.

Google Meet has been included on G Suite and G Suite for Education, thus you can start using Google Meet. The main purpose of Google Meet is to make the video meeting experience better and easier by Google so that any user can easily join their office meeting from any remote location.

How to use Google Meet?

By understanding the information given here, you will be able to use Google Meet easily -First of all, you have to open it on any of your devices. When opening the Google Meet app, click on allow to ask for permission. Now, you have to log in to this application.

use google meet

Once done, a new screen will open. On your screen, you will get two options – New Meeting and Meeting Code. By choosing the option of New Meeting, you will be able to start a new meeting. By choosing the meeting code option, you will be able to attend a meeting that is already underway by entering the meeting code. The Google Meet allows you to have native full-screen presenting so that you can show and easily explain the project to your team.

How does Google Meet work?

If you already have a Google account, then you just have to log in to the web browser, for this, you do not need to download any kind of plugins. To start a new meeting, you have to share the link, so that people can join your video conferencing or video meeting. In Google Meet you get the facility of native full-screen presenting so that you are able to show and easily explain the project to your team. Each G-Suite enterprise customer is also provided with the facility of a dedicated Dial-in Phone Number at the meeting.

How to Conferencing Video in Google Meet?

To do video conferencing in Google Meet, log in with a google account on Google Meet App and choose the option of New Meeting, which will start your video conferencing or meeting, and send the link to you all. It happens. Who has to join this meeting/video conferencing.

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