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Google has announced a new feature (Add me to Google Search), under which influencers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers will get a platform to create their own virtual business cards, allowing anyone to expand their existing business prospects easily Will be able to see such Virtual Visiting Card logo when someone searches on Google about you.

This will allow all professionals to make all their important accurate information available to people at one-stop-destination, and this virtual card is also called Google People Card.

A business visiting card is used for any business information, in which name, address, phone number, email address, website information, etc. are all written, now Google has provided such a visiting card in virtual or online user experience. The facility of Virtual Visiting Card has been prepared.

Using this feature of Google, people will be able to send their visiting cards, also known as business cards, to their customers or other people online, making this Virtual Visiting or Google People Card online through Google.

What is Google Meat, know how to use it?

What is Google Virtual Visiting Card?

The Virtual Visiting Card is made on Google search, this card is designed to help people who want to bring their information online to Google Search and also for those people who want to get information related to their work/business Want to share with people online.

What is Google Virtual Visiting Card?

Now any Google user/user can create a virtual visiting card on Google search and can expose their existing business and personal website or social profile to the internet online through it.

What is Google ‘Add Me to Search’?

If you want your name, photo, and other information related to you to come in Google search, Google has just launched a new feature called ‘Add me to search’ for Google users of India, so that everyone can get information related to themselves. Can be submitted to Google.

The process of creating a People Card is called Add me to search, a new feature launched by Google India, which is a means of putting someone’s personal information in Google, such as information about a great celebrity is available on Wikipedia, like that Now every person can list information about himself on Google.

Through add me to google search, you can share your information with people by creating your profile on Google, that is, by creating Google People Card, your name as well as links to your social media accounts, a link to your website, and your photo. is.

What is Google People Card?

The Google People Visiting Card, created through the Add me to search process, is a Google People Card (Google People Card), that is, Google People Card is a kind of online visiting card, which people share their information with the logo. Can be made to do, whose information is given in detail above.

When people search on Google to know about someone, then they will see a module on the screen, on clicking, people will see the result of their search result in detail.

What is Google Business Card?

A card that gives business information about a company or individual is called a business card, which is shared with others during formal introduction as an informative memory aid.

When a digital soft copy is used in place of a hard copy of such a card, it is called a virtual business card, but in the context of Google, a feature recently launched by Google, which we discussed in this post Above, Google Virtual Visiting Card, Add Me to Search or Google People Card can be used as a business card, this is called Google Business Card.

How to create Google Virtual Visiting Card?

As you have mentioned above, both Google Virtual Visiting Card and Google People Card are the same, how to create this card online on Google and how to bring your personal & business information to Google search, below given the step by step process is. To create your Google Virtual Visiting Card or Google People Card, follow the below-given sets –

  1. First of all start or open Google Chrome on your mobile or computer.
  2. Now type add me to search, now you have to click on Get Started.
  3. Now your name and photo will come automatically through your Gmail account.
  4. Now you write information about yourself or your business, here you can enter your social media account

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